Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Class Act (or Why I Need a Straight-Jacket)

I want to apologize dear readers for my recent blog near inactivity.

Additionally, I would like to apologize for that last sentence. It doesn’t make sense to me either.

I believe I’ve corralled the sinister beast we call “computer” into submission and now it will show the general public our current class schedule. It’s been a rough 2 weeks surviving without food or sleep during my ordeal, so my language skills aren’t at their best.

I’m finally eating lunch today and I made the decision to eat my tapioca pudding first (why yes I am a reincarnated old man). I figure if I slip into a coma from low blood sugar, I’ll lie in my irreversible torpor appreciating the comforting taste of vanilla as the staff in the long term care hospice gaze at the Mona Lisa-esque smile upon my face and wonder what causes me such pleasure.

With any luck, I’ll not “accidently” throttle the unknowing soul who points out the errors.


Knitting Therapy said...

I looked at your online shop and could find no way of contacting you with questions through email. Do your Poetry in Stitches kits come with a pattern?

Courtney said...

That is a really freaky photo!

Knit Purl said...

How's it goin' C ourtney?
The photo is disturbing! I was hunting down for a visual of how it felt to be tormented by a computer (merciless little beast) and stumbled upon this one.

Knit Purl said...

As to the contact us by email, Knitting Therapy...
We are in the process of revamping the KP site and in the chaos the link for our email was broken. I've been assured by the helpful computer code elves they will repair the problem, but until it's fixed, a customer's only choice is to call our toll free (866)656-KNIT.
As to the Poetry kits, Hifa does not include patterns with the yarn. They want people to buy the book, which is (of course)out of print. KP is cajoling Hifa to either reprint the book or include the patterns in the kits, which they may do. In the interim, I can recommend getting it through your local library (Yay, for public libraries!)