Friday, August 3, 2007

Endless Possibilities

I feel like the cat’s pajamas.

I’ve succeeded threefold:

I’ve created through knitting something functional, yet stylish.

I’ve convinced my roommate, a.k.a. non-knitter, that knitting is really cool (again).

I’ve also convinced the non-knitter we need felted throw pillows to be used as extra seating. (I imagine she believed it a bit too “Miss Bates”)

All because I knitted a flower pot sling for our balcony out of hemp.

Now the photos are from my cell phone so they’re awful. I was too chicken to hang over the balcony to show the purse stitch panel that runs from front to back, but I think the linen stitch side panels are visible. Now, take note of the skillful square knot fastening:

Ooo! Aah! Oh!

Right now, I’m so high from my victory, I’m channeling Martha and I think I’ll match the floral notes in the wing-backed chair with the new Schaefer yarn. Perhaps I’ll create a flower or two as accents out of Malabrigo.

The possibilities are endless


Lauren said...

I never know what to knit with all of the great hemp out there- Your knit hemp flower pot is incredible.It really looks great. It does, however totally put you in the overachiever category of knitting! Very impressive.

Knit Purl said...

Hey Lauren!
You say tomato and I say to-mah-to. I'll gladly pretend my desperation was "overachieving".