Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Excuses, Excuses...

If you'll kindly notice off to the right of this post (and all future posts) we have new information available regarding Knit Purl and you, compliments of the dear Fyberduck.

Go on. Take a look see. I'm not going anywhere.

Yeah, I know. PBS is filming this Thursday, November 29th at Sip and Stitch.

Now I could lament:
Mah hair and these ol' rags! Whatevah shall I do? (Sorry that was a very Scarlet O'hara moment)

But in actuality (its sad but true) I'm not so much worried about the Beast. I mean, c'mon, the word is out. Everybody's seen it and due to the presence of cameras it promises to entertain all with its ridiculousness.

I'm not thinking about the clothes either. Even if I were to wake up suddenly as my super-hot alter ego (circa 1996 while she was still touring) and look disgustingly great in a little Vivienne Westwood or Diane von Furstenberg number that, ya know, just happened to be lying around amongst the stash, more than likely I'd have a full cup of tea and a bottle of hot sauce on me before noon. Nothing says slovenly like orange and brown stains.

What I'm actually worried about is what I'll be seen knitting. (ugh, I'm so embarrassed)

I want my project to look intriguing but easy to recognize. I want colorful but not over the top. I'm leaning towards knitting with my Shosenshi Paper Linen yarn because it's definitely intriguing and colorful, but something says on camera it'll just look crazy came for supper.

I also need to knit some Christmas gifts as well. An ear covering (but not hair smooshing) item for mom in Fibre Company is in order...
These are the colors she would look great in,

but these are the colors I want to knit.

I can knit a hat for Dad (such a great excuse to buy some pretty new yarn and I’ve had the Homina's for the Great Big Sea for awhile. Thanks dad!) The color of his eyes would look so good if he was in any of these colors,

but good luck trying to get him to wear it without doing some combo action like this:

I promised a scarf for lil’ bro last year but due to some co-operation issues the yarn and I were having, his scarf couldn’t materialize for the holidays. Some may not know my policy in these matters: the yarn was put into “time-out” so it could think about what it was doing, how it needed to change its attitude, and develop a plan to maintain “correct” behavior. It’s only fair.

My brother the freak, (don’t fret, I typed those letters with love) is 6’, 5” and wanted a “really long”, fingering weight, stockinet, black scarf. Do you know how long “really long” is to a man who blocks out the sun he’s so tall? Just start knitting to the 7 foot mark and he’ll see if it’s long enough.

He has no shame.

Why would you want a plain scarf in black if you could have this deliciousness:

Oh and my girl Martha has a recipe for some fun scarf magic. Check this: one ball of Aslan Trends del Sur and knots spaced with a deck of cards. Sandy Kay made it. She channels Martha's mojo well.

I could also pull out some serious cash for the new beaded Art Yarn (brand new, just came in, back off it's mine).

I just created a new excuse for stash enhancement... I feel so dirty.

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