Wednesday, January 2, 2008

True Plies: The Set-up

After some lengthy plotting brainstorming, the Blogger and I have decided to organize the blog. From now on, once a week every week (note to self), I shall present to you a very special review column, "True Plies".

About?, you ask. Knitting. Books, yarns, needles, and patterns. And now, without further "adieu", let's get started...

True Plies: New Kureyon Steps Up
by Sara Morris

Like many sock knitters before me, I had vowed not to knit with the Kureyon sock yarn. Previous encounters with Noro had left me a little disappointed. Until I saw the yarn in person, that is. You may recall that the yarn arrived on the day of the very first meeting of Knit/ Purl's Sock Knitters. The stars must have aligned or the Knitting Muse simply has a wicked sense of humor.

While receiving and displaying the new yarn, the prospect of Kureyon-colored socks wore me down. I snuck over to the display and quickly sqooshed it, the yarn didn't feel too scratchy. Thus defeated, I took home a ball that night and CO a swatch a couple of days later. The swatch went quickly and soon I was looking for a pattern and a recipient - handwash ONLY socks don't fit within my lifestyle, unfortunately. But both were found and a new pair of socks was started.
My review? I can't tell you yet how well the yarn will wear, but I have my suspicions. 30% nylon sounds promising. In many ways Kureyon sock reminds me of our old friend, Trekking. Durable, vibrant, and a little rough. I don't mind the slight roughness too much, but some knitters or wearers might. The fact that the yarn is single-ply doesn't worry me either. This yarn, like other Noro yarns, has been fulled a bit to keep it in shape. It shouldn't cause any problems on that account.

And, of course, the colorways are enough to make most knitters drool. The color repeats are a little longer than Trekking, but maybe about the same length as some Opal or Regal sock yarns. Just as you're about to get bored with one color, another one starts.

All in all, I'm quite pleasantly surprised by the yarn. My only, minor, complaint would be the occasional VM (vegetable matter) spun in with the ply. But that's common with in many brands of yarn and, well, it tells you that there was actually a sheep involved in the making of this yarn at some point in time. As much as it annoyed me at first, I have to admit that it is comforting in a way. And I can tug the rare twig or leaf out as I go, in any case.

Sooo, in this humble sock knitter's opinion, Noro Kureyon Sock gets 8 out of 10 happy toes. Not bad for a yarn I refused to touch at first!


Courtney said...

Yeah, the hand wash thing really bums me with that yarn too but maybe I have a friend who would handwash their socks? Maybe not..

Hey I was wondering if a wine colored 'Fetching' turned up in the store?
I was there yesterday and am now missing one..


Mokihana said...

I've heard that the single ply requires really small needles, like 0's. What size needles did you use? The colorway is fabulous!