Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What you Want? Baby I've got it!

When in doubt for a title, always fall back on 'Retha.

Fyberduck and I are trying to come up with the rules of fair play for all you would-be Project Catwalk types. Bare with us , unknown to most of you, we usually just make stuff up as we go along. Below is what we came up with. Fyberduck, if you please...

Intended for nascent designers, Gratis Knits will be a platform to submit original and unpublished patterns (featuring yarns and products available for sale on the Knit Purl website), to be noted in our store newsletter and featured on our blog.

We're looking for all types of patterns: the sky is the limit. Patterns that are fashion-forward and seasonally appropriate will be given preference. Please look through previous Gratis Knits patterns to become familiar with our pattern formating and language.

Publication dates and deadlines:
January (Winter), deadline: January 1st
May (Spring), deadline: May 10th, 2009
July (Summer), deadline: June 15
October (Fall), deadline: September 15
The Terms:
  • Only submissions received by the relevant deadline (listed above) will be considered. Please do not submit patterns more than one month before the deadline.
  • All submissions must be sent to info (AT) knit-purl (DOT) com with "Gratis Knits: Submission" in the subject line.
  • The pattern must be attached to the email in one of three formats: Word (.DOC), Rich Text Format (.RTF), or Adobe (.PDF). No other formats will be considered.
  • Patterns may be for either knitting or crochet projects.
  • We can only accept patterns that are original ideas and haven't been submitted/ published elsewhere.
  • The designer will receive a confirmation email once the pattern is chosen and payment upon publication.
  • In return we will award a $50 gift card to the featured designer for use on-line or in our brick and mortar store.
The pattern must include the following information to be considered:
  • Multiple photos of the finished object are a bonus, however only one photo per submission is required, and each photo must be at least 72 dpi.
  • Sizing must follow the sizing standards of the Craft Yarn Council of America.
  • A list of supplemental materials (waste yarn, stitch markers, etc.) must be included in the pattern requirements.
  • Needles/ hooks must be given in metric and US standards.
  • Contact details -- please include:
- Your name as you wish it to be published
- an e-mail address where we can send questions or feedback
- the URL to your website or blog, if you wish us to link to you
- the name of any models featured in photographs you submit
- the photographer's name
We reserve the right to edit and change patterns and photographs to fit our needs. Please direct any questions to info (AT) knit-purl (DOT) com.

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