Saturday, April 12, 2008

All for the Love of You

"Excuse me miss, would you mind modeling this hat for me?"


"Yes. I think you might just be the right size and I need a snapshot or two for our store blog."

"Well okay, so long as my mommy is okay with it. She has legitimate concerns about the modeling industry, with the drug scandals and body image controversies."

"Oh of course. I mean I can only respect her for just taking the time to think about these things and the impact her decision could place on your life. Please, just take your time."


"Well she said it would be alright. How do you want me? Is sitting here in my stroller okay for you?"

"That would be lovely."


"Wow! That was a great pose... uh, sorry didn't catch your name."
"My name is Daisy."
"Like in the song?"
"Well great shot Daisy."
"Oh that was nothin'. Should I show you my 'nonchalant-mid-conversation pose circa 1968'?"
"Uh, sure. Sounds grand."


"Holy macaroni! Who knew the photo could get better? Show me another one!"
"Sure thing!"


"I call that one 'action shot'. I like to mix it up a bit and try to capture every aspect of the mood and tone of the designer's handiwork."
"Well that's just stellar. I never realized I'd be dealing with such a professional when I asked for your help. I feel honored to be in your presence because I've learned so much from this experience."
"Your welcome!"
"How about one more shot for the blog readers? I'm going to post a free pattern for them tomorrow and I'd like to get just one more shot. That is, if you feel like you have one more in you."
"Why don't I give you 80% of a full-throttle, no-holds-barred sparkler of a smile with just a hint of patty cake action? I'd pull out all the stops and give you more but the imagery is usually too powerful for the average person. The pictures usually causes peoples teeth to ache with cavities, they are so sweet."
"No, by all means do what you have to do."


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Daisy; a girl sure to break the hearts of many.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the free pattern to the Baby Court Jester hat. I only hope I'm recovered enough to post it. My ovaries ache.

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Wanda said...

My teeth are aching. :-)

Your blog writer is a kick, and the photos are adorable. So's the hat - it's perfect for big sis of little brother.

Thanks for such cool patterns! Ack! I've been caught up in your posts, must pull self away and get gear together for a guild spinning day.