Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I once had a day that lasted all week...

So very tired.
The day began a bit oddly because I was stuck in an elevator without cell reception for an hour with a man who was wearing a bike helmet and a gas mask... and clothes. I will at least give him the benefit of the doubt since he choose to wear clothing on our little "adventure".

The experience wasn't too traumatic. I was frustrated by the lack of access to the non-suspended in a box world, but remained calm due to heavy amounts of knitting (Schaefer's Susan -we love's it) and the comforting fact that my gas-masked and helmeted new boy-friend was wearing clothing and didn't seem to have a penchant for cabbage or lentils.

While he didn't talk much, or stare, or flirt lasciviously, or drool, he was still a bit much to take in without caffeine. Lookie.... or maybe not. I'll see if I can add a pic when I have more than one brain cell firing.

Anyway, I Kinneared him. I forgot to take off the "ka-chinka" noise the camera-phone makes and made the hasty decision to lie still like I was some dead woodland creature if the noise alerted him to my activities. I hear it works for bears.

Tomorrow, or rather later on today I'll tell you all about the fun we had at the Harlot's Book signing and the fools we made of ourselves there.

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