Tuesday, September 30, 2008

just a rainbow of projects

Or, more accurately, rainbow-colored projects.

To begin with, I apologize for the blurry quality of the following photos. I was trying out the smaller store camera, with less luck than expected.

On the right, I just wanted to let all y'all in Blogland know that we do have the NEW AlterKNITS Felt in stock and we also have the cool Wool Mix bags by Leigh Radford (the book's author & Portland local) available, too for your felting pleasure.

If you want an opinion about this book - we think it's fantastic. There are some amazing projects and techniques in here, so it's definitely worth browsing through and would even make a great coffee-table book.

Next... lessee, we have a very cool scarf being knit by Joanne that I wanted to show off:


Using a ball of the Kauni W-EQ Effektgarn and the traditional Feather & Fan Shetland lace pattern. It's just lovely, and very sqooshy to... well, sqoosh. We were all delighting in the color changes at the last Sip 'N Stitch I sat in on.

And, finally*, we just got in the 2008 Judy's Colors trunk show. OMG, these are amazing kits. Long-time customers might remember the fantastic Christmas stocking kits we had for sale last year. Well, this year's collection is just as imaginative and even more colorful:


We had a lot of fun hanging them up, too. Can you tell?

That's everything I've got for now. But, if you're in town, drop by to see the new yarns that will be showing up in the Newsletter and on the New Wall. I'm afraid I couldn't get decent pictures of them this time around, but they will show up on the blog... eventually.

*I apologize for the brevity of this post - we've got a lot happening this week! Look for the next Newsletter in your mailbox this Friday, for more information.

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