Monday, September 15, 2008

Yarn evolution. felting sisters, and a glimpse of Enid

Going in reverse, just because widdershins is so much fun, let's introduce you to our newest employee at the Good Ol' Salt Mines Yarn House of Knit Purl:


Enid. I barely had to corner her or anything. What a refreshing change. Enid says "hi". She spins and knits, so expect to see her getting into mischief with the rest of us around here.

Next on the list (gotta keep this short, 500 million things To Do), the Noni Trunk Show has arrived:


We've got the whole new Fall line and a bunch of accessories for the patterns (handles and clasps for purses, etc) for interested knitters to peruse. An interesting aspect of this season is the sheer number of garments they released, instead of accessories. Most of them still retain the trademark Noni Dr. Suess-ish look, but in a more accessible way.

And, finally, here's something to make most knitters squee:

Optim Evolution

Optim Evolution.

Chameleon Colorworks has started dyeing Optim yarn for handknitters who don't spin (we also have their Optim roving). This stuff is gorgeous. I immediately bough a skein, in "Indian Wedding". The colors and texture are fantastic. As is the yardage - 154y to 2oz. I'm thinking a hat would be nice with my little happy skein...

Evolution isn't not on the website yet, but is on the New Wall, if you're desperate to try some. And, at $13.25 a skein, it's not an expensive experiment, either.

That's everything for now. More news on Thursday. I'll also bring out my Seraphim Shawl. Miriam Felton is coming to town to teach two workshops for us, and I thought I'd knit a shawl to celebrate. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.


Bev said...

What's the colorway name of the middle Optim Evolution yarn on the "What's New" wall? It looks a little like one I've seen called Campari and Orange (from a line I can't remember). You going to put this on your website pretty soon?

Sara M said...

Hi Bev! If you're asking about the one I think you are (hot pink and gold?), it's called Indian Wedding. I'm hoping we'll have this line up on the website soon.