Thursday, October 16, 2008

constructive chaos

Let's see, let's see, let's see. A lot has been happening today. We received a shipment of Judy's Colors stocking kits for all the enterprising knitters who want to knit something very special this Christmas. We also received another shipment of Malabrigo. This one included several colors of Gruesa and Chunky that were out of stock.

And, most especially (but not most recently), we received a huge box from Norway this week. Containing the Oleana Fall Line:

Oleana display

Which is, quite simply, awesome. I truly hate to sound like a blond Californian surfer-dude, but it is. And I am clearly not the only person to think so, because our selection has been steadily diminishing since it went on display.

And, while on the topic of displays, I've been cornered* into showing off my handspinning display:

handspinning display

There it is. Done.

... no?

Okay, it's my tiny collection of handspun yarn and handspun-handknit garments (that I could find, anyway), to encourage enrollment for our upcoming Introduction to Handspinning class. Honestly, I don't know what terrifies me more - having too many students or too few. At the moment, the class isn't empty, which gives me some comfort. And, conversely, increasing terror.

At least it's three weeks away, so I have less time to be neurotic about it, which is a small blessing, however fleeting.

That's everything blog-worthy for now - look for a latest Newsletter in your email tomorrow afternoon!

*Proving that I lack the initiative to pimp my own skills out... or something.

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