Thursday, October 23, 2008

hand-dyed goodness

I'm sorry, time is short again, this will be a brief post.

First on the list: silk lace yarn.

silk rainbow

Silk Hues.

Hand-dyed for Knit Purl. It's 100% silk with 440 yards per 50g skein and it's available in about a gazillion colors. Niiice stuff. Sandy Kay is knitting Anne Hanson's Gust with a skein of it:

Sandy's scarf

... in Barbie™ Pink.

To each their own, I guess. It's actually a lovely color, honestly. Just pink. Very pink.

And, finally, we've got roving:

Abstract Fiber roving

Lots of it. All hand-dyed by Abstract Fiber of Portland. This will be on the website (next week-ish) for those of you far away. We have 10 colorways in 3 fibers: Blue-faced Leicester Superwash, Alpaca/ Merino/ Silk, and Silk/ Cashmere. All are just gorgeous and terribly tempting. I just know I'm going to walk out of here with a looot of roving very soon.

Ooh! We're also supposed to receive a shipment of spindles tomorrow. Our handspinning section is growing quite steadily. Drop by on Saturday to see it in it's inaugural beauty.

And now I must away. Have a good weekend!

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KnittingInMind said...


Here I am in Seattle, dying to get at that silk lace yarn.

I hope there is some left by the time I get there in late November...