Tuesday, November 18, 2008

slightly overwhelmed

We have so much going on at the store right now (what with the Holiday Special going out on Friday, visiting instructors to organize and the holidays approaching waaay too quickly), that everything is a little discombobulated at the moment.

On the subject of the holidays (and classes, technically), we can finally reveal the surprise ornaments from Sandy Kay's workshop last Wednesday:

3 christmas ornaments

The stocking was designed by Kristin Spurkland, the star by me and the wee Santa hat by Sandy Kay. And, yes, the Christmas ornaments will be available as kits (and another workshop!) for $12 ea/ or 3 for $30. The star pattern also has instructions for making a six-sided star or Mogen David, for those interested. The kits will be available online this Friday.

Let's see, let's see. We've got several Newsletter article updates:
  1. Both of the Jamiesons of Shetland colorwork tams are sold out/ back ordered. Before I left the store on Friday, I made sure we had enough yarn for TEN tams. When I arrived yesterday morning... we had enough for one. Clearly I underestimated the level of interest in these two patterns. I'm sorry about that! We're working on getting the yarn and patterns back in stock ASAP. Please bear with us in the meantime.
  2. Both of Jared Flood's intermediate knitting classes are FULL. There is a waiting list. Call us at 868-656-5648 (toll-free) with any questions. Also, if you want more time with Jared, he's agreed to a lecture on January 8th, 2009. Details are forthcoming. There will be an entrance fee (we're betting we're going to need to rent a very large space), part of which will go to charity. Stay tuned for more information.
  3. Yes, the Holiday Special will be sent to all of our Newsletter recipients, I promise. Honest.
And, finally, Kandyce (Jenni's youngest) turned 3 months old today:

giggly baby


Feel free to plotz.

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