Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the name is the game

We have so much happening at the store right now. Probably the least important on the list, but the best photographed, is my finished Ana Bandana:


Which, incidentally, I managed to harass a visiting Liz into modeling...


In "Burgundy". Knit on size 9's ('cause I can't read, clearly), but still wearable. The entire project (folds and all) took about a day and a half. I should mention that I had to rip back after taking it to the Quantum of Solace and, being completely distracted, managed to knit 6 extra inches onto it. Oy. So, all things considered, it'd probably take the average knitter a weekend day to knit.

And, it's a lot of fun to wear and keeps my ears warm, so it might have a fraternal twin soon.

Next on the list: 'tis the season. When you stop in, check out our itty-bitty Christmas tree:


Bedecked with the prettiest hand-turned wooden needlecases you've ever seen. Made locally out of exotic woods, these little one-of-a-kind beauties are just treasures for your knitting kit. At the moment, we have six in stock. Also on our little tree are the too-popular-for-their-own-good Knit Purl Christmas ornaments. I swear they'll be back in stock soon. I hope so, anyway.

On the subject of the holidays, have you donated to our OFB Food Drive yet? Aside from being good karma, we also have a collection of prizes for donors. Stop by the store, or check our Events page for more information.

And finally, the subject of our post, the KnitPurlzi. Well, sort of. Made by our favorite local woodworker (see above), we have the prototype for a new Knit Purl accessory:


A traveling, hand-turned wooden dpn/wip case. And, yes, it's loosely based off of the Knitzi - which unfortunately does not offer wholesale accounts at the moment (believe me, we asked). Leading us to commission our own interpretation of the concept. The tube is made of Black Walnut, the cap is Maple. I've been told the next version will have some notching and creative turning. Can't wait to see it.

And since I was told by the craftsmen to give it a workout, I took it with me on work errands this afternoon. Here is our little prototype saying "hi!" to the streetcar:


Now, here's the problem - we don't have a name for this fantastic gadget. Until we do, I'm jokingly calling it the KnitPurlzi. This connundrum has led to our new game: Name That Gizmo.

Submit your name by 12pm on Thursday, December 4th for entry. All the submissions will be put into a poll, which will be hosted off of the blog. The winner of the contest will win 2 skeins of ShibuiKnits Sock in the color(s) of his/ her choosing. Submit your name by commenting on this post or emailing us at info(at)knit-purl(dot)com, subject line: blog gizmo contest.

This should be interesting.


akimbo said...

The Sock Locker!

trek said...

Reminds me of one of those classy, hand-turned kaleidescopes.


PNWBookGirl said...

a)Sock Saver
b)Sock Sanity Keeper/Saver
c)Sock Keeper

PNWBookGirl said...

a) Sock Saver
b) Sock Sanity Keeper/Saver
c) Sock Keeper
d) Sock Minder

(It didn't look like it posted the last attempt, so forgive me if two show up, but I also added one.)

Kaarenb said...

Sock Safe

Sock Safety

Farrah W said...


Knit wip

The boot

Wip wand

QWERTY said...

Stitch keeper

Melissa said...

How about the Sip 'n Store? (sip=sock in progress)

Melissa E.