Thursday, January 8, 2009

About last night...

I've been asked ordered to tell all of our lovely Knit Purl blog readers about the dinner had with Jared last night:

Wednesday night dinner
From left to right: Sandy B., Kristin Spurkland, Jared Flood, Bing, Sara M. (moi), and Sandy Kay.

But I fear that were I to actually tell you what a truly excellent time we had... well, someone would take out a hit on half of us. Sooo... in all honestly, it was just awful. The food, the atmosphere, the company? Atrocious. You totally didn't want to be there.


Moving on to less volatile subjects (ha!), Jared's lecture is tonight and all the spots have sold out. I know for a fact that Lindsay just feels terrible having to tell people that, yes, there is a wait list but, no, we doubt anyone is going to cancel. But, hey, Jared's already agreed to come back and teach for us again this summer, so... maybe next time?

In news unrelated to Brooklyn or tweed, we just received a HUJE shipment of Habu. Wow. There're a whole bunch of Kusha Kusha scarf kits in this box that look really interesting. I might just have to try one. We also received some more Shippo Tail scarf kits (we've been back ordered for over three months), for those of you who have been fingering the shop sample and sighing tragically this past season.

Otherwise, have a great weekend!

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Kalani said...

Oh. My. God. Looks like you had an amazing time!

I miss you guys!!!!