Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drowing in boxes

It's been a Big Shipments kind of week. The cardboard remnants of many a large shipping box still clutter unexpected areas of the store.

First, there was the gianormous box of Koigu KPPPM, KPM, and Kersti:

Counting Koigu

Which took two hours for Tessa and Jenni to count all the skeins.

But, luckily, expect to see some colors (like ___) that haven't been on the Sock Wall for awhile. I myself may just stock up. Especially since everyone* knows that sock yarn doesn't count.

Then, there were the Japanese books we've been waiting for since... too long to actually pinpoint.

Japanese book arrivals

3 titles are back in stock (from left to right): Scandinavian Mittens, Men's Knit and Clear & Simple Knitting Symbols.

After falling (rather hard) for several Japanese stitchionaries I've picked up along the way, the Clear & Simple Knitting Symbols is becoming mighty tempting as some of the charted symbols in my favorite patterns look like something out of a Klingon's copy of Shakespeare.

In non-stash-enhancement news, Fearless Leader and SB have left us to cavort at TNNA. Despite this, much continues as before. The Sheep Shop scarf is nearly done and... well, we're just busy, busy, busy. Maybe next week we'll have some customer projects, if customers might bring them in (hint, hint). Have a great weekend!

*Except my family and several of my coworkers.

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(K)Noƫlle said...

Sock yarn TOTALLY does not count! I've been coveting some P621 (Koigu), because 6/21 is my birthday (which means it REALLY REALLY REALLY does not count). And some P143 because . . . uh . . . it looks like I43, which looks like Interstate-43, which is similar to Highway 43, which is kind of close to the house where I grew up? :o)