Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the trenches

By means of an iPhone, an iTouch and the Knit Purl server, we bring you images of the booth at Madrona:

Knit Purl booth

And even a "closeup":

'nother booth shot

How cool is that? The Festival just started this morning, and will go through Sunday. You can see Darcy and Sandy Kay above. There are also more Madrona photos here, in which you might spot slivers of Micah and Sandy B (who, it seems, were a little more elusive).

Next, Micah finally relinquished his photos from Ruth's workshops...


Oooh, pretty. Love the Fair Isle hats. And Ruth's beautiful colorwork shawl:


Simply gorgeous. We now can sell the pattern, if you (like me) couldn't take the workshop but just love the design. Anyway. Back to pictures from Ruth's classes:



Though, I'm afraid that since Micah took the photos, I can't really tell you much about them. Sorry. They're certainly pretty... He put together a photo collection, if you'd like to see more of Ruth's workshops. It should be mentioned, while we're discussing Ruth and Madrona, that (through this weekend) we'll be offering a kit for Ruth's Summer Shawl. The kit includes the recommended yarns, Kauni W-EG and Kauni RR7, as well as the pattern and free shipping. Drop by our booth or call us for details.

In less exciting, but still interesting, news - we have another crane (and a half). We've been trying to knit some of our own up for the collection and they're quite fun to make. This might be addicting. I don't have a photo... maybe next time.

And, on that note, it's time to go and set up for tonight's Sip 'n' Stitch - we hope we'll see you here!

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