Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A definite sense of accomplishment.

You may have noticed an eCard somewhere in your inbox this morning. It must be said that this particular eCard was several months in the making. We ordered Boutique Knits, at Lindsay's request, some time ago and had to wait while it was backordered. One copy came in and two shop samples were started. Finally, oh finally!, we had both the samples and the books in the same place at the same time and... well, an eCard was made.

Shown right is the truly awesome Sideways Grande Hat, modeled by Liz. You have to admit it looks fantastic on her. (For those who are interested, or may not be on our mailing list: the yarn is ShibuiKnits Merino Alpaca in "Mulberry", one skein.)

Next, on our list of recent accomplishments - we have 64 cranes! Many of these cranes (42 to be exact) came in this past weekend, during our Annual Sale.

64 cranes

Thank you, everyone, who has knit a crane (or two or twelve) and brought them by! It really, truly, does make our day to see these little felted birds come through our door.

With 64 cranes, we are approximately at 21% of our goal (look! a new widget on the sidebar -->). To some this might not seem as a major achievement, but we know better. Knitters across the country (and across Portland) have been donating their time, energy and stashes to be part of a large-scale project and it's amazing. So many of our donors have denied payment for their efforts, which really says so much about how generous knitters can be. But, since we still need 236 cranes, we're have a knit night to outdo all knit nights - our Super Crane Knit Night on April 2nd.

Since it's on the same night as our weekly Sip'n'Stitch, we'll be providing all our regular treats with a bunch of extra enticements thrown in. Come in for door-prizes, rewards and many other fun goodies to reward all the participants.

And, finally, we have one more thing to be proud of: Beth Brown-Reinsel. World reknowned for her research on traditional knitting, we've managed to snag her for a whole weekend (this weekend, actually) to teach two of her most popular workshops on historic Scandinavian garments. Both classes will include tutorials on a variety of techniques and skills necessary to the completion of each garment.

The first, The Danish Nattrøjer, will focus on blouse construction. Discover how welts and gussets can turn a blocky garment into something fitted and how to incorporate your own design into the pattern.

The second, Norwegian Mittens,will cover everything from knitting Fair Isle (or stranded colorwork) with two colors of yarn, mitten construction using a traditional thumb gusset and "seam" stitches. This class in particular is highly recommended to knitters who couldn't register for Ruth's Fair Isle workshop last month. Norwegian Mittens is the perfect chance to learn Fair Isle while knitting up a pair of mittens for next winter (or a Christmas gift!).

For now, that's everything. Next time (tomorrow), we have several beautiful customer projects (or, hopefully will, if I can find the camera) as well as an update on a variety of very interesting staff projects.

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AudKnits said...

You guys offer the BEST classes! I'm always tempted to jump on Amtrak and come back up to Portland to participate. Sounds like lots of fun, and please say hi to your staff who made me feel so welcome when I came up for Jared Floods workshops. You're the greatest!