Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad blogger, no cookie.

We were doing so well for so long - a post every Tuesday and Thursday every week - and then I broke stride and it all went to h3ll in a handbasket. Well, no more!, we will have regular posting again even if Jenni has to follow me around and harass me all day. Hopefully that won't be a problem soon enough (we have a big surprise in store!), and we're also talking about broadening the blog to include posts by other staff members and customers. [fingers crossed]

Until then, however, we have some catching up to do. First things first, did you know that we have 33 members in our Girasole KAL on ravelry? Moreover, we had quite the group at our most recent Girasole Knit Night!


Very exciting. And because we enjoyed the last Knit Night so much we'll be meeting tomorrow night, July 22nd from 6 - 8pm. If you're participating in the knit-along and would like to come and knit with us (we have A/C and treats!), you'll be more than welcome.

Next, we have three projects to show off (actually, we have more than three, but I can't find the info on them...). First, Jane came by to grab some needles, but she was wearing her Everyday Wrap, so we made her pose because it looked so good:

Everyday Wrap

We're sure you'll agree. For those of you wanting one of your own... Jane's wrap was made with two skeins of ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud and the pattern is free.

Second, we have Terri's in progress Longbourn Socks:

Longbourn Socks

...which, I'm sorry to say, I have almost no information on. Terri, if you read this blog, please feel free to shoot me an email (info[at]knit-purl[dot]com) and I'll post additional details.

Finally, we have Jenni's in progress Advent Calendar:

Advent Socks

Made with itty-bitty baby socks! Adorable, no? I think, as of yesterday, Jenni's onto sock number eleven. Only thirteen left (never fear, we'll get a shot of the finished collection).

And that's enough for today. Until Thursday, stay cool!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, I have to say I almost stopped reading the blog, although kept checking in, optimistic for updates. As an overseas customer, I count on you to update us. Why have a blog if you're not updating it?