Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Technical difficulties to the extreme.

My work computer died yesterday - taking all the photos, files and other work related items with it. To top it off, Jenni's computer is also behaving weirdly. We think it's the heat. Cross your fingers for us! Maybe once it cools down again (we don't have A/C in our office), the computers will rise from the dead.

Luckily, I hadn't transferred all the photos from the store camera to my computer yet, so I do have some fun customer FO shots to share, in lieu of the many photos lost with my now expired desktop. Last Wednesday (and I have the time-stamp to prove it), Maile came in with a collection of Swirl Scarves she'd knit over the past year:

a whole lotta swirl scarves

Nine in total. Amazing, huh? We had some fun photographing the collection, on Brook, as you can maybe tell...

swirl scarf mane
(this was before the 100F+ weather we're having now, ick)

Maile told us that she loved the pattern because it was so easily memorized and quick to knit. She made Swirl Scarves as gifts for friends and family (many of these lot are destined to be Christmas gifts this year). Then she pulled out two really beautiful sets of wristlets she'd made using left-over ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud:

silk cloud wristlets

(and modelled:)

wristlets modelled

The pattern is in Arctic Knits, and to get gauge Maile held two strands of Silk Cloud double. I'm told (by Brook and Maile) that the finished effect is sinfully sumptuous. Being allergic to mohair, I could look but not touch. They looked magnificent, though. Good job, Maile! I wish I had a blog to link to, or a ravelry journal, so our readers could find more information on her FO's... Alas, it was not meant to be.

I have to admit that my favorite thing about the store blog is all the inventive and creative projects we get to document - all made by customers and staff members.

And, speaking of staff members, have you seen the adorable gingerbread men and women Marjorie made for Christmas in July? If not, have a peak:

Gingerbread men and women

Yes, those are indeed gingerbread people wearing icing bathing suits with fish and star sprinkles (it is summer!). This is the kind of thing I wouldn't dare make up. They were really yummy, but it was almost a shame to eat such hilarious cookies.

In closing, we'll leave you with a candid photo of Sandy Kay that Jenni absolutely insisted on:

sometimes the oddest things show up in your purse

When Sandy Kay discovered, whilst digging through her knitting bag, the remote to her home TV. Priceless.

Keep on the lookout for the new website (it's so close to launching, we can all taste it!), and a new blog layout. If you didn't read about the Big Project that's been stealing my time from the blog and other worthwhile duties, check out our most recent Newsletter.

Check back tomorrow, wherein we shall unveil a sample being made with our City of Roses Super Sock exclusive and share some pix from tonight's Girasole KAL. Until then, stay cool!

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