Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gonna be a photo-finish!

If you've been paying attention to our Twitterific Sock Contest poll (like we have... with baited breath), you know that the race is getting really, really close! If you haven't, now is the time to vote as the poll closes tonight at midnight (PT). So far, it's a tight race between gldelx and 3894:

twitterific sock poll

Really close race, actually. So get in there and vote, if you haven't already!

Next, on my list of topics to cover... Fall Classes!

And, howdy!, do we have a bunch of 'em. Now, admittedly not all of them are up on the website yet (including Fall-Inspired Felted, all of our Christmas Ornaments classes, Kitchen-Safe Dyeing and Intermediate Spinning Techniques), but many of the hot topic classes are, if you want to register early.

Personally, I really want to get into Franklin's Tomten Jacket class - especially because of all the finishing techniques and jacquard garter stitch techniques that will be covered. It sounds fascinating, but first I have to find out if I'm working that day or not...

Anyway. Have you noticed that blogger finally managed to transfer all the posts from the previous blog to this one? (Though the Archive feature is acting fairly strange...)

And that Gratis Knits is back on the sidebar? We're catching up! Lindsay and Sandy Kay and I are already talking about reviving Gratis Knits. What would it take, o' faithful blog readers? It seems that people actually knit the patterns, but knitters don't seem to keen on submitting... Any suggestions?

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Kat W. said...

I've got a stylin' iPhone pocket out of Malabrigo Chunky I'd submit if you reopen Gratis Knits. -- Kat W.