Thursday, December 31, 2009


Lindsay is busy, busy, busy right now trying to ship out all of the many copies of The Haapsalu Shawl that arrived two weeks early, so there won't be a Fashionknitsta Thursday this week. We're all bummed. But at least it's New Year's Eve, so there's a reason to party!

I haven't been posting lately because I've been pathetically ill. Hardcore customers know that I was out of the store for two whole weeks. Imagine the yarn withdrawal I suffered on top of my flu symptoms. It really wasn't pretty.

But, in super-secret news that I will only be revealing to blogfans... be sure to check next week's Willamette Weekly for a coupon for a FREE Happy Hour class.

Seriously. Don't miss it.

Other news? We've been firming up the dates for a visit from our favorite tweedy blogger and putting together another awesome year of Sock Clubbyness that has a really cool Portland-centric theme. We think it's gonna be fantabulous.

Anyway. New Year's Eve is swiftly approaching and we'll be closing early... soon. Check back next week for a real blog post and another edition of Fashionknitsta Thursday. Until then, enjoy 2010!

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