Thursday, June 28, 2007


Welcome to Knit Purl's community blog. The purpose of this blog is to have an open forum for Knit Purl staff, customers, and knitters to:
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  • To discuss yarn and how easy (or hard) it may be to work with.
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Thank you,

Knit Purl


Courtney said...

I like the photo of the store in the snow, very charming during this weird,balmy, July rain thing we are experiencing. I think I would rather have the snow!

bad jeanne said...

I like your blog. My first knitted project was many many years ago and the hat was sooo big that it wouldn't even fit the jolly green giant. who knew about gage. I was still in high school. so instead I crocheted aphagans. no size needed. When I retired 2 years ago a friend and I took a knitting class. What fun. I have only crochet now if it is included in the knitting pattern ie. edges etc. And I have tackled many many things to knit from my 1st felted bag to many sweaters and even a lace poncho.

Barbara said...

I'm so glad to see you started this blog. Reading your updates makes me feel like I am there.

It was great to meet you all at the PDX Knit Bloggers meet up. I succumbed to the koigu lure while I was in Portland this last time.

I'll be thinking of your rain from down here in the hateful desert Arizona.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Welcome to the wide world of blogging! Before long, you'll be carrying your camera in your bag and thinking, "Oh, I should blog about this!"