Friday, July 20, 2007


It seems with every year there are fewer and fewer “beginning” moments but surpluses of “been-there-done-that” moments. It’s painful to realize the trend can only continue.

Last week, two new knitters completed their first hats. Do you remember the thrill of that first half-sphere of warm yummy goodness? What was the texture? What was the color? Mine was an acrylic, fingering weight, hombre pink hideousness. (sigh) I loved that hat.

Tiffani Shakespeare completed hers out of ShibuiKnits “Baby Alpaca DK” in Mulberry. It was her first knitting project. She withstood the pain of the cast-on. She bravely battled the double pointed needles. She disregarded the friends who said her hat would be ready just in time for the summer heat.

Sandy and I had the thrill of showing her how to cinch up the last stitches, and with the ends neatly woven in she gingerly tried on her rolled brim hat. It was stunning. No really, a top notch job.

Thwack! She plunked down her money for more purple yarn. This time it was for Louisa Harding “Nautical Cotton”. Then she strutted in an Antonio Fargas “Fly guy-esque” kind of way out the door into the rain. We live in Oregon people; what summer heat?

The other new knitter was Winter Mcleod. She is going to be a fashion designer someday and she has the right name for the business. Say it with me folks: Winter Mcleod. Sounds posh doesn’t it?

Anyway, she finished a baby hat for a brand new relative and later eyeballed the worsted weight wall. Again, say it with me folks: Worsted weight wall. Hmm, that sounds posh as well.

It was exciting to share their “beginnings” and as I think about it, I realize I still get twitter-pated when I see new yarn or begin a project.

Right now, I am all about the Habu “Habu Bamboo”. Sandy plotzed over the Hand Maiden “Big Sea Wool” in Blackberry. Darcy, as cool and serene as Lake Tahoe, purred (I kid you not) when the Hanne Falkenberg kits arrived. I foresee new projects in our future.

Although there are fewer of them, we will still have beginnings. This blog is new and I’m just beginning my blogging adventure. So, comment on your favorite new project or yarn. If you still have them, post those memories of your first fiber art related experience. With your help, I hope the beginning of this new relationship with you is as memorable as your first project.


naginata said...

I am so excited to see your new blog! As someone who loves Knit Purl but lives on the opposite coast, I am looking forward to "meeting" you all here!

Courtney said...

I knit some socks for my mom for Christmas. They were more like giant tubular swatches 9they did have heels), made with stripes of varying weight, worsted wool and rows of experimentation with knitting and purling. I was very happy with them at the time and my mom still has them almost ten years later.

Sarah in NC said...

I was in Portland June a year ago and visited Knit Purl several times while there. The diplay of wonderful yarns and the helpfulness of those in the store are vivdly etched in my memory. What a wonderful place to meet and knit!
I have just finished a sweater sleeve and need to bind off. Can I do that on the purl side or should I knit an extra row to get on the knit side again?
Thanks again for your kindness.
Sarah in Burlington, N.C.

Knit Purl said...

Hey Sarah of NC!
You certainly can bind off on the purl side. It's just like binding off on the knit side but you purl every stitch versus knit.
Here's something fun: bind off in 1x1 ribbing by alternating your K & P sts.
Too cool, huh?

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

I really don't remember the first thing I ever knitted or crocheted, but I do vaguely remember learning. I remember being small enough to sit in my grandmother's lap, facing out, with her arms around me, and her holding my hands, which were holding knitting needles or a crochet hook and her decribing what to do next. I must have been about 3 or 4 years old; about 50 years ago now.

winter said...

Hi! My name is Winter McLeod...and I crochet. Apparently, my "name twin" knits. I've never encountered anyone else with my exact name before! I'm intrigued and want to know more!