Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rethinking the Blog

I’ve gotta rethink this blog thing.

Love them though I may, customers are interfering with my yarn hoarding.

Do you notice something peculiar about this photo?

No? Okay, how about this one:

That’s right folks, it’s missing.

I suppose I made a tactical error in announcing my new favorite yarn as Habu Textiles’ Bamboo. One day it’s there happily smiling at me with a come-hither expression the next day it’s gone.

Not to worry, I’ve been assured by my commander-in-chief more supplies will arrive soon. In the interim, we will all just have to survive on these succulent beauties:

Yeah, I know. They look like bathing beauties basking in the sun. I believe the technical term for this sort of attraction isHomina-homina-homina”. It’s Hand Maiden’s Sea Silk and these skeins are the “off” dye lots. Fearless Leader, a.k.a. Darcy, ordered a little extra so customers could have more choices for the Tuscan Lace Shawl class with Amy Singer. Like the Bamboo, it’s completely RAI approved.

For the rookies out there, that stands for “Roll Around In”.

Such yarns include: Alchemy Yarns’ Bamboo, Joseph Galler Yarns’ Pashmina, ShibuiKnits’ Baby Alpaca DK, and Windy Valley Muskox’s Suri Alpaca. A yarn so scrumptious your first inclination is to rub it on every part of your body (for test purposes of course). Hence: Roll Around In.

I suppose I will just have to drown my sorrows in another company’s yarn. I’ll cope somehow.


naginata said...

It's pictures like these that make me slightly glad I can't come into the store on a moments whim!!! Such gorgeous yarns! At least with online purchases I can be a LITTLE more restrained!
BTW, you guys might want to go back to the default white text on the blog. The blue is really nice when you are looking at the blog but if you use a RSS reader you can't read the text (it comes up light aqua over white).
Thanks again for starting this!!

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

You and me and the bamboo, baby! I'm still RAI in my bamboo sweater; only 4 more inches to go! And I'm already thinking about buying more bamboo. I could use another sweater (or 6) made out of this stuff.

Sara M said...

Nah, you guys just need to order more Habu Textiles than you have customers, then you could hoard all you wanted ;D

Knit Purl said...

Howdy Naginata!
I agree with you about the default text color... I'm still "developing a relationship" with the blogging equipment which basically involves me alternately screaming obscenities and cooing praises every few minutes. We will see who wins the text color war in the next blog...