Monday, September 17, 2007

Full Factor

You will never guess what happened…

While shopping for house wares with my secret gay husband…Yes, he knows he’s gay. The secret was, at one time he didn’t know we were an old married couple and we are destined to spend the rest of our lives together, whether he liked it or not. I’ve since brought him up to speed. …Anyway, we were looking at curtain rods for his new apartment when I hear a familiar voice calling my name…

Do you remember that loose-legged feeling you would get as a kid just as you were caught doing something wrong? Not me of course, I was a perfect angel. The sensation is akin to that time when you played hooky from Junior High because you really weren’t feeling the Social Studies test or P.E. (it was field hockey that day and your shins were still bloody from the last game), so you decide to take some much deserved time off, a “mental health day” if you will, and go to the local theater to see what’s the big hype about “Purple Rain”, which you enjoy but don’t think Prince is “all that”, when you bump into your really uptight 3rd period teacher … yeah, that feeling.

It was like an episode of “Fear Factor” because the voice belonged to my Hair Doctor who the beast U2CH (unimaginably unmanageable curly hair) has not had a check up with in one year.

Oh the familiar, pungent flavor of irony. Perhaps I should write a fantasy blog about winning the lotto.

The doctor was lovely and gracious as always and wanted to know if I was well and exclaimed how much he missed seeing me. He is so good with the guilt. I have his next available appointment.

So I’m still making felt and feeling pretty scientific about it too…

I am in love with felted Baby Alpaca: high homina factor. The Malabrigo experiment is going well.

I’ve created swatches of different gauges to full. Notice the machine washable cord running around the blue stitches on the photo above? I realized just as I was throwing them into the wash, I might have a difficult time counting the stitches after I’ve made little felt tiles. Fulbright scholar, I tell you.

Sandy found an errant Merino Kid hat that was made for a cone head.

I think its sentence should be disembowelment. I’ll attempt to resurrect it into something lentil shaped.

Stay tuned kids; tomorrow we’ll discover the AMAZING WORLD OF FELT!


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Dear god, you were in junior high when Purple Rain came out????? I just realized you are younger than my kids' babysitter!!!
I think I need a wee nip for medicinal purposes and a lie down. . . .

Seriously, love your blog; the links just crack me up! Hope to see you at OFFF this weekend!

Knitting A Mile Of Doom... said...

*poke poke*
bad blogger, no cookie