Saturday, September 8, 2007

I've Felt Better

I seriously need to examine my inexhaustible level of denial.

I’m not in denial about my curly hair. I’ve wasted years ironing, blow-drying, and painting it with chemicals for a few moments of straightness. My formative years were filled with the smell of burning hair. I’ve learned from those experiences I will always have curly hair.

I am in denial about how to care for curly hair. One would think I would gain the skills over the course of time as my head has always, even from birth, had hair. Evidently, not so much. I vow to see the hair doctor as soon as humanly possible.

Those who suffer from unimaginably unmanageable curly hair, or U2CH, will attest to the reality; human hair felts. I felts for putting it to bed wet. I felts for swimming. I felts for not feeding it enormous amounts of conditioner. I felts for not feeding it deep conditioner when it has a hankering for it. I felts if you go into moist tropical places. I felts for photo shoots . Yes, U2CH not only has violent mood swings, it is also psychic and will habitually felt before any photo. Example:


Okay, moving on... Due to the fact that I desperately need to visit the hair doctor, I’ve been thinking about felting. As mentioned previously, I’m making some throw pillows for my living room that will double as extra seating, and I want to pretty them up with flowers. I think I’ll experiment with the Jamieson’s, Hifa, and Rowan (perhaps?). I’m also playing with a potential felted handbag design so I have an excuse to buy the handles and experimenting with Baby Alpaca and Malabrigo Chunky for gifts for my nephews.


Does one gift an infant with a teal hat, and a 5 year old with a blue one? Will the 5 year old believe he is being slighted the other “blue” hat that will of course not fit him only because he believes it to be the prettier blue? One cannot fathom the fashion decisions of 5 year old boys.

Update! I've seen the hair doctor who surgically removed about 6 inches of "felted animal" that was attached to the back of my head. The hair feels lovely and light. So much so, that it now defies gravity. yay...


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Glad to see that you're out of your straight jacket. Or is it that you've wrestled the 'puter into one?

I have fine, limp, straight hair and would gladly trade some of my straight for your curly anyday!

Knit Purl said...

Hey Bobbie,
The PS2007 is still mad as a hatter, but I'm not letting it take me to it's crazy place again. More on that later.
Regarding hair: Yeah sure, promises, promises..

Deborah said...

try paul mitchell's foaming pommade, it tames without making it too greasy. Also try aveda's products. good luck!

Knit Purl said...

Hello Deborah,
I'll give the Paul a go next time I need product. Right now I have one of my favorites. This "chunky-style" product with too much French on the bottle is a divine leave-in conditioner.