Thursday, December 13, 2007

The List

Hello friend.

You might wonder why someone sent you a link to this blog. Allow me to explain.

There is a special someone in your life who likes yarn, tools in which to play with yarn, and other fiber-related tshatshkes.

Now this person has assured me they have been a very good fiber-loving person all year long and although they thought your gift last year was superb (they cherished it and gave it the adoration in which it deserves), they think it is time to change things up a bit.

Your fiber lover also understands that you may fear the place that sells yarn. You may have battled terrible knit-mares for years that involved itchy sweaters in tragic colors, a virulent attack of sock monkeys, or losing your best friend in a fiber-related calamity. We understand.

That's where (cue sound in echo effect) the all-knowing list comes in. It's like the wizard of Oz, but only better because you don't have to travel with a bunch of yahoos to get the information you seek. Not only that, you can also purchase everything from (cue sound in echo effect) the all-knowing list over the phone (866-656-KNIT it's toll free!) or on-line. It's just that simple.

Here are a dazzling array of items that lovers-of-the-fiber-named-yarn enjoy:

1) Herbal Alchemy’s Knitters’ Hand Balm, because every hand gets dry now and then
2) Lantern Moon’s Peppermint Tape Measure sure it's cute, but it's also easy to spot in a dark knitting bag
3) Knit Purl Gift Cards it's the gift that keeps on giving
4) Clover’s Mini Bamboo Crochet Hook
a tool to pick up dropped stitches that even James Bond would approve of
5) Lantern Moon Knitting Needles a little luxury from a socially responsible company
6) Addi Turbo Lace Needles your fiber lover swears they won't go all "attack of the knitter" with the extra pointy tips
7) Shawl Pins by Knit Purl, Rowan, or Creative Designs Unlimited so your fiber-lover can show off their creations in style
8) No Rinse Soap by Soak or Eucalan it not only cleans hand wash and other delicate items without rinsing, it smells good too
9) Small Bags by Lantern Moon or Large Bags by ShibuiKnits to carry all their fiber
10) Yarn go ahead, just pick one because your fiber-lover has 120 days to exchange it.

Your fiber-lover wishes to express their appreciation in advance for your considerate and thoughtful holiday purchase. They know this time you both will be happy with the result of your wise decision.


The Blogger

P.S. Look at all of the happy lovers-of-the-fiber-named-yarn enjoying their creations. Don't you want yours to feel that way too?

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