Wednesday, August 6, 2008

good news, other news, and 13 sheep

Since this is a blog, I can't really ask our readers which they'd like to hear first. So I'm going to start with the "other" news. It's not really bad, inasmuch, just a big change.

The Blogger no longer works for Knit Purl and will not be posting to this blog anymore. (We just lost half our subscribers, didn't we?) She's gone on to greater and brighter things (I really hope so, anyway), but wishes us well. After some slight nagging, we might have a couple more bloggers to add to the list. Look for future posts by Liz and Sandy K.

The good news? Ooh, I got looots of good news. Like, hm, we just got in our giant mondo huge shipment of sock yarn blanks for the Sock Club. 19 micron superwash Merino wool is so super soft and squishy that it really feels ideal for an afternoon nap you might need after hauling in 60 kilos worth of yarn...

You can probably tell we had a little too much fun with all the yarn fresh outta their boxes. But, admit it, you've always wanted to build a nest out of yarn - I seriously can't be the only knitter to have wondered about it.

And, just for those of you who, like 3M, were wondering how many sheep it took to produce 60 kg (132 lbs) of wool, well...


At an average of 10lbs of usable fleece per year per Merino sheep, we just took in an entire flock's worth of yarn in a single afternoon. Admittedly, our flock doesn't have to be fed or shorn, but it certainly "smells better" according to 3M.

As for more good news? Two teasers:
  1. I have a Sock Club spoiler that I'll post next time. We just got the final skein in a series of test dye-runs that will, literally, blow your socks off. Once 3M photographs it, I'll post a link to the pic, so those who don't want to know early won't.
  2. And... one of us here has completed their SKIF sweater. No, I won't tell you more until later. You'll just have to be patient.
But that'll all be for the next post. Right now? I gotta skein and divide up all those hanks so they can go to their respective dyers.

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