Tuesday, August 12, 2008

skif sweaters, wicked plans, and spoilers

Let's see, let's see... so much has been happening in the past fortnight, it's hard to keep it all organized. Starting in order with the title:

1. Skif sweaters.
I finished mine (little happy dance) and was overjoyed to see WrenSu's super-spiffy Mateo in the Knit Purl flickr group's photo pool. And because so many people (including my coworkers) were enamored with the thought of a finished skif sweater, it was relatively easy to get a couple of modeled shots for the blog...



Project specs:
  • Pattern: Neptune/ Button-back Pullover by Skif.
  • Yarn: Joseph Galler Inca Cotton in "Ecru", 4 skeins.
  • Needle: 4.5mm/ US 7 32" circulars.
  • Idiosyncrasies: the sleeves are 3" longer than specified in the pattern.
  • Review: loved the pattern and ADORED the yarn.
Of course, all y'all already know that I bought yarn for a second skif sweater before I finished the first. But I was good and persevered and only just CO last night (honest). I'm finding the second one just as hard to put down as the first was... This is looking like it's going to be a dangerous trend.

2. Wicked Plans.
Oh, there are so many, really. Leaving this many slightly crazy knitters alone together always makes for interesting results. We've got, upcoming:
  • a Tips & Tricks column by Judy Wilcox
  • the SKIF KAL will resume in September with a yarn sampling and emergency aid class to follow through December(ish).
  • a Getting Raveled party & meetup (info forthcoming)
  • and, finally, a Sock Club KAL group on ravelry

3. Spoilers. I promised you spoilers... and here are two we're willing to part with:
  • LavenderSheep's Sock Club yarn, clicky here for a little spoiler.
  • Koigu is going to lead as planned. You have no idea (unless you've heard us panicking in the shop) how worried we were just a week ago. It had seemed that Koigu wouldn't have their yarn ready in time for the Club, but it's been shipped and should arrive at the store soon. And, while these are neither the pattern nor the colorway we've commissioned for the Club, I'm even more excited by this news because of the Fortress Of Solitude socks I just finished:


I enjoyed working with the yarn so much, I'm really looking forward to getting my own Sock Club September kit.* And I suppose it's not too much to tell you that there just might be speckles (like those seen above) on our soon-to-arrive yarn, too. Ooh!, there's another spoiler.

And now I've got to go... we've got a rowdy Sip'n'Stitch group up there tonight and a newsletter to get out tomorrow.

*Did you honestly think that half the staff here weren't the first people to sign up?


Melissa said...

We were not rowdy...much. :)
At least we left no evidence.

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Sara -
I need some help. I need to find THE SOFTEST sock yarn ever...My cousins are the family that was in the house at Seaside and are now recovering at the Emanuel Burn Center. Warm socks would be just the thing - But I need some recommendations as to the softest yarn I can possibly find.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

In response to JulieLoves2Knit:

First of all, I'm so sorry! I wish for a speedy recovery for everyone involved.

As for soft yarn, Knit.1 had a pattern a few years ago for ankle socks knit in a worsted weight. I used Plymouth Bam Boo and they turned out butter soft. So that would be my recommendation. I'm betting you are going to want something reasonably non-snug and without too tall of a leg. Plus, on larger needles it makes for a really quick knit.