Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not enough Martha to go around.

A Skif shipment arrived yesterday and already we're out of Martha's again. In fact, we still have several on back order! Clearly this is THE sweater to knit for fall. Shame we can't keep the pattern in stock. What we do have left is also quickly walking out the door, so if you've been longing for a pattern or two, now's the time.

The past couple of days have been huge in the deliveries and shipments arenas. First up? Eye Bobs, a collection of fantastically funky reading glasses for knitters who want to be able to see their pattern charts well:

Eye Bobs display

(on display)

Liz thought they would appear to their best advantage while being modeled...

Eye Bobs mosaic

I concurred. My favorite is the "Strict Librarian" look (lower right).

Another big shipment that just landed on us was a huuuuge box from Fleece Artist. Containing... Camelspin. Lots and lots of Camelspin, which is officially back in stock (but probably [also] not for long):

Handmaiden Camelspin

Mmm, camel down. So wickedly sumptuous.

We also got in some Kauni, but that'll be available next week. And that's about it, for now. The next post should feature an introduction to both Kandyce and Leslie. Keep your eyes peeled.

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