Friday, August 29, 2008

an unnamed Kauni sweater, yet more YarNews, and introductions

I am sorry to say that the blog has been backsliding because of my recent illness. I'm fine now, but had to take a week off of work (blech!) and alas couldn't update the blog from home because I had no pictures. Clearly, we need to work on our communication methods at the store.

In the past week, we were visited by Duffy (aka FiberQat) and her unnamed Kauni pullover:

fiberqat's kauni sweater

Specs? (on ravelry)
  • Yarn: Kauni W-EQ, approximately 750g
  • Pattern: original
Clearly Duffy decided to really challenge herself for the Ravelympics this go-round. Something to admire, definitely. Possible from a distance, because one has to wonder if that kind of crazy is contagious or not. I've already got immunity issues...

Next on the list of things I've missed - a new worsted wool yarn. And a good 'un at that. It's so luscious I have to keep myself from cuddling it at my desk (I have a skein here for, ah, 'inspiration'). Admittedly, the name of this new yarn could use some work, as Shepherd's Wool is a little vague and understated. Milled in Michigan, with locally-grown wool, this brand answers our need for quality yarns that are American-made. Maybe the best way to view this new line is as a stealth luxury yarn.


With a fiber content of 100% fine Merino wool, the skein I'm fondling petting easily qualifies for "luxury" status. At $9.75 a 4oz skein (250y) and in a variety of colors, this new line is going to be fantastic for a variety of projects this fall. Especially if you don't mind hand-washing baby garments, it would be perfect for all sorts of little knits.

Which leads perfectly into our latest and greatest news... the baby pictures have landed!

Long-time readers (and local patrons) will already know that Jenni has been visibly pregnant for some time and went in for a c-section on August 18th. As we announced to knitters the world-over, Kandyce is very healthy and weighed in at 6lbs 9oz. And, after some nagging and finagling, we have the super-cute baby photos we were promised to share.

Sandy Kay took the footsie photo to the left (who can resist baby feet?), but the other photos were taken by Jenni & Co (likely by her husband, Marcus).

(From left to right: Malik, Ayanna, DeAndre and little Kandyce).

Jenni and her girls
(Ayanna with Mommy and baby).

Those of you who join us for Sip'N'Stitch every week (6-9pm on Thursdays) got to see Kandyce yesterday (lucky ducks!), but I'm told Jenni & Co. might be dropping by again next week. If we're lucky, maybe we'll get some cute in-store photos. I don't think we've passed the needles to Kandyce yet either. It's an old Irish tradition (I think), and will ensure that Kandyce is a great knitter when she grows up.

Definitely something to look forward to.

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