Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A dose of silliness never hurt anyone.

'Specially not around here. But before we get to that, here's something serious-ish to balance the large quantity of silly coming your way. Last week we received several copies of the coveted books Kunst stricken:

Kunststricken lace books

Which translates literally into "knit art". Cool, huh? The books include patterns from the turn of the century for a variety of lace accessories. And because we're too curious for our own good, we couldn't help but open one - the charts are unbelievable.

And that's enough seriousness. Today we had a visit from Mortaine, the creator of the comic book series Handknit Heroes*:

Too quick to catch

Of course, we can't release her secret identity (hence the blurry photo). But she gave us a sneak preview of the mask kit that will soon be available as well as the details of their mask contest, in case any of our loyal readers might want to enter.

Of course, as soon as the mask came out, everyone had to try it on. First Jenni:

Superheroine Jenni

But, really, it was Sandy B. who had the most fun with the mask:


And here she's off to fight crime in very knitterly fashion:

Up, up and away!

... with a little help from a stepstool.

You know you wish you'd been here. Until next time, evildoers beware!

*Issue #2 is available in the store and will be online in a day or so.


Farrah said...

yeah - every superhero needs a step stool. :)

KnittingInMind said...

How do I get my hands on those Kunststricken books?
I looked on your website and could not find them for sale!

Koigu boy said...

Super Sandy, able to leap over bales of yarn in a single bound. You guys are to much fun. I so want to come to Portland and hang out in your shop.

I am looking forward to dying those special dye lots for the sock club.

Cheers, Koigu Boy