Friday, May 22, 2009

Just because

If you're on our mailing list, by now you should have received an eCard about June's Featured Project - CoCo Knits Hanna. What you won't have seen in the card is how silly Liz and I can get during a photoshoot. So, for your (and our) amusement, I put together a photo pile.

You have to admit, silly is something we do well here. In any case, at least you can see how nicely the sweater drapes and moves.

Next on the list, I snagged a shot of Jenni's current wip du jour, her Fargyle socks:

Jenni's Fargyle sock

Which she is trying to finish in time to enter in the State Fair. Wish her luck! Now, normally, I would refer you to her ravelry notebook (and there is a link), but it's woefully short on information. So, if you see Jenni, tell her to update it 'cause she just won't listen to me.

Moving on... we have NEW YARNS!

New yarns!

These have arrived with perfect timing - they're ideal for cool summer knits. On the top row is the second round of our popular limited edition sock yarn, the Knit Purl Natural Collection. Dyed in very small batches using only natural dyes and mordants, these little jewels make simply beautiful projects (remember my Seraphim shawl?) or just look lovely in a stash.

On the lower two shelves are two new yarns from Be Sweet. The bright and cheerful and glossy little cakes are Be Sweet Bamboo. 100% bamboo at a sport weight, it's great for light and drapey shells and sweaters. The fact that it's handdyed will also add dimension to a finished garment. Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing it knit up.

We also have Bubble Ball yarn from Be Sweet (middle shelf on the left), which is some really interesting stuff. Handspun and handdyed, it's further embellished with 25 felted beads. Just imagine the cool trim it could make. I also want to see what our customers will do with this. (hint, hint) You guys can be so much more imaginative than us with new yarns.

Anyway. That's everything (for now). On Tuesday there should be several beautiful customer projects (we just have to find the camera) and info on upcoming events. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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