Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In which a request was granted.

You know, it's so nice to know that (out there, somewhere) people/ the Knitting Fates have been paying attention. Remember the last post, in which there was much lamentation over the lack of customer and staff projects?

Well, not today! Clearly, some of you lovely blog readers decided to take it upon yourselves and bring your beautiful handknits in. And, wow, beautiful is definitely the word today!

First, Gillian came in modeling her recently finished Silk French Vest (Habu Textiles Kit #68):

Gillian's French Vest

(and back)

Gillian's French Vest (back)

Lovely. Can't find it on ravelry to fav it, though. We'll just have to admire from afar.

Then, Virginia came in to show off her Flutter Scarf:

Virginia's Flutter Scarf

Made with Isager's Alpaca 2 in color 100. Yumyumyum. I think Sandy Kay wanted to run off with this one, actually.

She also brought her French mystery shawl/ wrap/ thing:

Virginia's French mystery pattern

and a close-up...

closeup of Virginia's wrap

A mystery because Virginia bought the pattern in France but her husband was in such a hurry she didn't have time to get yarn or more information. Sooo... all we know is that it was made with Alpaca 2 (and only because she bought it from us)(colors: 16, 22, 19 & 2105). It's gorgeous, though, right? Personally, I would have run off with it, given the chance. I wish we knew what the pattern was.

Oh, well.

This morning Lindsay, Marjorie and I went 'round the corner to take some quick photos of a new store sample and two staff FO's. First, we have our sample Summer Shawl by Ruth Sorensen:

Summer shawl (front)

and back

Summer Shawl (back)

and side

Summer Shawl (side)

and a close-up

Summer Shawl (closeup)

Sorry for the blurriness of the photos. I took the point-and-shoot and really regret it. Anyway. However blurry the photo, the shawl is still gorgeous. Knit by nonsie, this particular shop sample took almost four months to make. Talk about perseverance!

Made with Kauni Effektgarn in W-EG (the pinks and violets) and Kauni Solid in W-RR7.

Second was my own recently finished Girasole shawl, modeled by Lindsay:

Sara's Girasole

...and folded in half (the way it probably will be worn!):

Girasole shawlette

Quick specs... Yarn: Isager Hojlandsgarn. Pattern: brooklyntweed's Girasole shawl.

And, finally, we have Darcy's most adorable and funky Yves:

Yves plays the piano

Playing the piano. Clearly. (big 'Thank You!' you Michelle's for lending us the baby grand)

Project specs? Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (3 colors). The pattern is from The Knitted Odd-bod Bunch, a book that will very soon be up on the web. Honest.

And that might just be everything. Whew! Keep it up, guys! We love seeing your finished projects. Keep your fingers crossed that the flood will continue into Thursday's post...

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ItsyBitsyKC said...

These shawls are all gorgeous.
I love Yves, what a cute little critter!