Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fashionknitsta Thursday: 10/8/09

Welcome to another Thursday and another edition of Fashionknitsta.

I have to thank a couple friends today for sharing some great pieces with me. In fact, my first inspiration piece comes from within my own home, a wonderful bag my roommate agreed to share with us. She got this a few seasons ago at Urban Outfitters and I have always thought it would be a really fun project.

I found this, the Posh Purse by Robin Chachula, on Ravelry and, though it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, I think I’m on the right track. I’m not great at manipulating crochet patterns; but, I think done in chunkier yarn like Shibui Highland Wool Alpaca, perhaps, this would be a really close match. If any of you have seen a pattern that matches more closely, please let me know!

The next piece I’m looking at today also comes from a friend. I was sent a link to this cute cashmere/wool blend vest at Nordstrom:

It immediately brought to mind a project I actually bought yarn for just last week. This vest is a design from Helga Isager’s Amimono Spring/Summer 09 collection:

This vest is done with Isager Wool 1 and Alpaca 2 held together, and while this pattern is in the Spring/Summer 09 book, I think its a perfect layering piece for fall. I've seen several of them made up (the second image is actually one from Leslie, one of our wonderful customers) and they are just beautiful in person.

Color choice was a seriously hard decision, because I love the neutral look of these samples, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for blues with color 23 of the Alpaca 2 and color 101 of the Wool 1. I'm really excited to start this project, I just wish I had thought about it in July! This book is full of fantastic patterns, so if you're interested get it while you can as the ever popular Amimono Fall/Winter 08 is now sadly out of print.

(Just a note: that vest from Nordstrom costs $198, while the Amimono version only costs $108 including the book with the pattern.)

My final inspiration to share with you all today is actually a sneak peak of a pattern coming for Knit Purl this holiday season. Last year while blog-cruising I saw this lovely accessory:

I immediately fell in love with it, but could not believe that it cost something like $120. I could hardly wait to share it with my coworkers, and Sandy Kay and Sara began whipping up their own versions. You may remember seeing this previously on the blog, but here is Darcy modeling Sandy Kay's sample:

Sandy knit this little treat out of Handmaiden's Swiss Mountain Cashmere in colorway Moss. With a fiber content of 65% cashmere 35% silk, this is definitely something I'd love to use to keep my ears warm with this winter. Check in next month for the release of this pattern, I know I'm excited!

As always I wish you all a lovely weekend, see you next Thursday for the next edition of Fashionknitsta. Until then, stay chic blogfans!


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