Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweater weather is here!

Admittedly it's more Featherweight Cardigan weather than cabled raglan weather, but we'll take what we can get around here. In fact, we're sooo excited about the leaves turning and the temperature dropping, the latest Newsletter features a variety of ideal cool-weather garments. Also in this issue are several new books, patterns, and yarns. Check your inbox for more information! (or click here)

Let's see. Not in the Newsletter this week (because it just arrived yesterday!) is Leigh Radford's new book:

One More Skein, a collection of one- and two-skein projects. My favorite is the most stinking cute (to quote a coworker) thing ever - Sadie's Capelet:

It even has a hood (which you can't see in this photo, unfortunately). I wish I'd had this pattern when my niece was still baby-sized... It's just so adorable. And practical. No sleeves to try and get on a squirming baby. Very clever.

The book's not on the website (like I said, just came in yesterday!), but it will be very soon. If you desperately want a copy, drop by the store or contact us.

Next on the "Not On The Newsletter" List, the Danger Crafts trunkshow:

Danger Craft!

Yes, that IS a knitted robot. As well as a collection of knitted toys that range from silly to tongue-in-cheek to just plain cute. The patterns will be on the website in the next couple of days, so look for them!

Moving on to my favorite part of the store blog - a customer project. Walrus (a.k.a. Hannah) dropped by on her was to the Button Emporium to show us her Chemo Chapeau...


Made with Malabrigo Sock in "Stonechat". She needed a bow and button to complete the look...

Which we think is lovely (and a nice use of sock yarn in a non-foot-shaped way). It's also a chemo cap, which makes it double awesome. The fact that the pattern is by Portlander Marnie MacLean might just make it triple awesome, right?

In less interesting news (for me, anyway), I finished Tegan's bolero over the weekend and only have to sew on the buttons for it to be ready-to-wear:

Tegan's bolero

(And a close-up, for those of you who are really bored.)

The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple's Children's Bolero, the yarn is (well, was) ShibuiKnits Merino Worsted in "Peony". The buttons are from The Button Emporium and have, ha!, peonies on 'em.

And that is everything I have to blog about. Next time, we'll reveal the true nature of our blue mystery. If you can guess what it is before then, we might just have a prize for the winner... Until next Tuesday, enjoy the cool weather!

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