Friday, November 20, 2009

More than 3 things.

Normally, on a Friday, I'd be frantically writing & coding a Newsletter. But, because of the impeding holiday (Thanksgiving) and some interesting staffing schedules, we decided to send it out a day early (i.e. last night). So now I have the time to catch up the blog (which is sorely behind due to a second influenza mishap). The way I see it, we have 3 things to cover today:
  1. Customer Projects
  2. New In The Store
  3. What We've Been Doing
Except, there are more than three things to talk about, but it sounded good. Because there's so much to catch up, I'd better get started now.

1. Customer Projects

A little over a week ago, Catherine wore in the loveliest shell:

Catherine's lace shell

Which, it turned out, she had knit herself! And designed, too, incidentally. She knit it with ShibuiKnits Sock and Silk Cloud held together, both in the color "Dragonfly". The pattern was inspired by a stitch pattern in one of the books in Barbara Walker's fabulous Treasury of Knitting Patterns series. She insisted, though, that I not picture her face. But I'm sure knitters will be able to identify her from the awesome handknit garment(s) she's wearing.

The second customer project we have is Sarah's Koolhaas scarf. She took the stitch pattern from Jared Flood's Koolhaas Hat and used it to make a truly scrumptious scarf:

Sarah's Koolhaas Scarf

and a closeup:

Koolhaas Scarf closeup

Made with Catherine Lowe Couture Yarns Merino 5 in the color "Moss". And, OMG, this thing felt amazing. It was sooo soft and sqooshy and lofty and amazing. We passed it around so everyone could touch it. It really made me want to make something with the Merino 5. A lot. I wish I could remember how many balls she needed...

Oh, well. Moving on.

2. New In The Store.

we have the coolest tool from M.W. Woodworks - darning eggs.

Based off of traditional (read: antique) darning eggs, each is hand-turned and has a handle for easier maneuverability. They're currently available in Maple and Black Walnut/ Ash, and are just gorgeous. They feel really nice in your hand, too. M.W. always does the most beautiful work.

And, while he was visiting this week, he dropped off a new shipment of KnitPods (in Black Walnut, Maple, and Cherry), one of which I am desperately coveting. Which is ridiculous, since I own two. Well, three now. M.W. also brought in the prototype for the 7-8" KnitPod (for longer DPNs), that I am currently test driving. So far, I'm loving it and think it's going to be a great for a variety of projects.

3. What We've Been Up To.

Oh, so much. If you've visited the store lately, you might have seen droves of us running around like madwomen. Well, it's all for a purpose. One of our biggest success stories this week was our Holiday Happy Hour class #3 -

Holiday Happy Hour #3

We had eight students (which is a high number for a weekday class). Students either started a Challah Infinity Scarf:

Holiday Happy Hour #3

Holiday Happy Hour #3

It was really exciting for Sandy Kay and I to see so many students making progress in a single hour, too.

Holiday Happy Hour #3

One of my students had finished the sole of one slipper, and two others were nearly ready to braid their first section of the Challah Scarf.

And, lastly, I've been working on a What'sIt (so we'll have a sample for the pattern!):

Pansy WhatsIt

Please pardon the desk photo. The yarn is Handmaiden's glorious Cashmere & Silk in the color "Pansy". It's just blissful to work on. In fact, I'm already designing another one skein project, just for this yarn! Oo0h, decadent.

And that's everything of note. Sandy Kay and I are still working out the details of the Handknits For Hard Knock Kids clothing drive, so expect to see that next Tuesday. We already have a collection of amazing prizes for donors and are working our a rewards system for knitters who knit their donations. But that's for later. Until then, have a happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Now I know I want to move to Portland..the Sock Summit sold me on K/'s blog just makes me drool, at what is going on.Living in Texas, doesn't offer yarns shops as neat as yours..Love the Sock Club kit..I have been having fun making the socks..I needed dark socks..thanks for the crochet hook..Love it...
Happy Knitting Pat Dixon