Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashionknitsta Thursday: 11/19/09

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week and is ready to enjoy the upcoming weekend. With how chilly it's been I'm really looking forward to some knitting in front of the fire. Originally I had a different post in mind today, but I was so excited when I got in this morning to see that we had received TWO brand new CoCo Knits Patterns, Gretel and Tessa, that I just can't help myself.

First, let's look at Gretel. Gretel is a beautiful light-weight tank with a cowl neck, perfect for spring and summer layering.

The sample is done in Habu Cotton Gima, it takes just 2 skeins for the small and medium (that's only $14.50), and only 4 (that's still only $29!) for the largest size making this a seriously affordable and fun project. The cowl neck detail really makes this pattern, I would definitely wear this with a camisole and jeans, or make it a bit more work appropriate with a nicer blouse.

Now let's move onto Tessa. Tessa is a really chic vest/top that is also wonderful for layering, but probably a little more appropriate for the temperatures we are experiencing currently. The neck detail makes this just a little more special, but it could definitely be worn by a range of ages and body types.

This beautiful piece can be worn open or closed (though I think I prefer closed) and I think, like Gretel, that it would be really easy to dress up or down. It could also be really versatile based on your yarn choice. The sample is done in Mirasole Tupa, a 50/50 Merino Silk Blend which makes me think of this as kind of more of a fall and winter pattern. They suggest Habu Shoshenshi Paper (100% linen) as an alternate yarn which brings a whole new tone to Tessa for me. While both of the suggest yarns are lovely, I think if and when I knit this pattern I would like to see it done in Rowan Wool Cotton. It has definite potential to be a big part of my winter and holiday wardrobe.

Sadly as both of these patterns are brand new they are not up on our site yet. I have been assured it will be soon, but until then they are available in the store.

My next pattern to share comes courtesy of past employee I'm sure many of you remember from in the store and her many blog appearances, Liz, who sadly left us for the tundra of Alaska. While innocently stalking her on Ravelry, I happened upon this pattern that she had recently favorited for the Carnaby Street Pullover by Melissa Wehrle from the Fall 09 issue of Knitscene (the Berkshire Doleman Sweater in that issue from the same designer is also really cute).

Lately I have seen a big comeback of military inspired cuts and details on clothing in stores, but I hadn't seen very many new patterns with that feel. The button detail on this pullover really hits that trend and gives it enough of that edge without taking it too far. The pattern calls for Brown Sheep Lanaloft Sport, and conveniently this is just about the same gauge as the Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca, which would be my choice for this lovely sweater.

During the same round of Ravelry-ing I found a pleathora of projects inspired by this scarf from Anthropologie:

None of those that I saw quite captured it exactly, but there is a free pattern available from Isager that I think is really close. The Cherry Scarf (available free with purchase of the yarn from Knit Purl) is done in Isager Alpaca 2 and Tvinni, and its a pattern I have been considering making for a while.

The Alpaca 2 is the majority of the scarf and the Tvinni is used for the accent colors. With 20+ colors of the Alpaca 2 available 30+ colors of Tvinni, the possibilities for this scarf are almost endless. A few customers have come in with theirs, and we recently got a shop sample of this and everyone I have seen has been different. I think its really fun to make a project truly your own like that and because this isn't just your average scarf it's a great project to make for yourself, or as a gift. I don't think too many people would complain about having their neck swathed in alpaca all day.

With that I will leave you for today. In light of the Thanksgiving holiday next week there will be no Fashionknitsta, but check back the week after for a new post.

Until then, stay chic, blogfans!

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