Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The things we do for yarn.

To most knitters there's nothing more glamorous than working at a knitting store (except, perhaps, owning a knitting store) and, most of the time, LYS employees will agree.

Most of the time. Last Friday, however, all I heard from my coworkers were complaints as we did a quick photoshoot for the weekend's eCard.

You may remember it?

And, really, what a bunch of whiners. It couldn't have been more than five minutes (ten on the outside) that we were, ah, posing...

Up Against The Wall

(From left to right: Me, Jaia, Marjorie, Lindsay, and Sandy Kay)

... against a brick wall, and they started kvetching about how cold it was or that their fingers were going numb or how their shoulders had frozen in place. Sheesh. Consider the importance of the project, my coworkers! If we don't stop to illuminate the world about exciting new mitten and wristlet patterns, who will? It is our duty, nay, privilege, to model shop samples in strange and interesting ways!

Let this be a lesson to current/ future/ hopeful LYS employees - working at a knitting shop isn't all knitting cashmere.

Anyway. Thought I'd share the latest behind-the-scenes look at Knit Purl.

Moving on. We have some fantastic new accessories in. My favorite are the Classic Shawl Pins, distributed by Lantern Moon. Sleek and simple, these polished metal pretties are just what I want in a shawl pin:

Well made, beautiful and modest enough not to detract from the shawl it's pinning closed. Since I mostly wear handknit shawls (or would like to), I'd rather the shawl be the focus and not the pin. But, if you're into the bling (and there's nothing wrong with that!), Lantern Moon has also released these Textured Metal Shawl Pins:

Which, I have to say, are quite lovely. They make me think of Moroccan jewelry - with all the granulation in different sizes and concentric circles. It's very pretty and quite attractive and would probably work really well with a sweeping shawl or cloak. Can't you just imagine it?

Both shawl pins were designed by Jim Knopf, who seems to have an awesome collection of buttons and other accents across the pond, in Germany. Interestingly enough, knopf means "button" in German. Isn't that a fun fact?

We're still waiting on some of his newest button collections and some more shawl pins - all distributed by Lantern Moon. Be sure to watch the website for updates.

And, last but certainly not least, we just received several copies of the eagerly anticipated book, Itty-Bitty Toys:

Written by Susan B. Anderson, the same author of Itty-Bitty Nursery and Itty-Bitty Hats, this collection is so much more than you'd expect. With toys that range from traditional Sock Monkeys and Teddy Bears, there are also Koalas and a Giraffe and a ducky family!

I grabbed some sample photos from Susan's ravelry journal, just so you can see how unbelievably cute this book is:

Koala Mama & Baby

Mama Duck & Ducklings


Christmas Set
Sweet, right? We just love it. I think my favorite is the Mama Duck & Ducklings, followed closely by the Giraffe. Check out the book on ravelry, it's too cute to resist! Be sure to look at least one of the reversibles - toys that can change from one animal into another! Like the Lion & Elephant. If you saw them in a toy box, you'd never guess they were handknit, would you?

And I think that's quite enough awesomeness to share this week. Check back next week for a book full of wool, the joys of shipping out a Sock Club installment (don't worry, I'll get photos!), and proof of my incurable Start-itis (you may want to read this from a distance, it may just be contagious).

Until then, enjoy the liquid sunshine out there!

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